Saturday, October 29, 2011

JuSt fOr FuN! Cakes Dressed as Everyday Objects: BlackBerry Cake, Purse Cake, Record Player Cake, Wine Cake.

Sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar, but more often than not these days, its actually a cake, trying to pass itself off as a cigar, or a blackberry or a lovely purple purse.

60's Record Player Cake (A Portable Imperial Party Time, Solid State...)

Here's a little behind the scenes, like the original "real" record player, and some bits and pieces of the decorating stages:
Cynthia and Alejandra!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cookie "Costumes": #1 Bride & Groom

My amazing niece Tara is all grown-up, and getting married. She wanted something little, and especially fun for photographs of her bridal party.

The first time mustache cookies came onto my radar was through my friend Liz and her Eat Cake Be Merry blog, and it really made me smile.

Watching my son play with them made me think we need to make some more variations on this theme for fun cookie dress-up photos...

*To make sure the skewers didn't burn or spin around later, I soaked them in water before baking. Before putting the cookies in the oven, I also added an extra little piece of cookie dough over the part of the cookie where the skewer was inserted for extra strength.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

BAKER-BOT: the Future of Kitchen Gadgets?

Fab@Home: imagine this- "the sun rises and the alarm clock chimes, you roll out of bed to be greeted by a freshly printed breakfast from the dining app that syncs with your alarm clock"

I was really looking forward to seeing my first 3D printer up close and in person at the NY Maker Faire this year. What we found was a whole "3D printer village"!
As we marveled at 3D objects being reproduced, layer upon layer right before our eyes, the silicone streaming out of the printer's tubes reminded me of icing being piped. Sure enough, tucked away in a corner of the show we stumbled across this printer, syringe filled with chocolate and fabricating these little chocolate turtles:

"The Fab@Home syringe tools have the unique ability to make objects out of multiple materials. They are compatible with a wide array of materials including silicone, cement, stainless steel, cake frosting, and cheese. Some of our finished products include a battery, a flashlight, a bicycle sprocket, toy parts, and various food products."

The video below is a little long... but fast forward to where the printer is piping icing onto a cookie, its pretty cool to imagine what the applications can become:

If a Maker Faire comes to your town, I say run, don't walk to check it out.

Here's another exhibit we loved: A game-controller-operated Gigantic Slingshot. (Hmmm, we're going to need a backyard.)