Monday, March 24, 2014

The Picture of LOVE: Rolleiflex sl66 CAMERA CAKE

... because a bite is worth a thousand words.
My husband is an amazing photographer. He creates a whole and wondrous, completely believable worlds often using tiny model railroad figurines.  For his birthday I wanted to combine two of his greatest passions: photography and being an especially wonderful dad.
That's a father-son portrait in the 7 inch wide "camera lens" below:

The cake really cried out to be painted in a James-Bondian Gold, for that extra Midas touch.

The sketch

The body of the camera is made of two stacked square tiers of Malted Milk cake (recipe from Jenny McCoy----soooo delicious!) filled with Caramel Buttercream (made with the most irresistible caramel sauce from Tahana Caramels).
The "camera back" is where you would typically find the film, but in this case it is a box made out of gingerbread with two gingerbread shelves to hold many little figures with little stories played out David's iconic photography.  Although the model railroad bride & groom figures that we had as one of our wedding cake toppers didn't make the final cut, (because the toy bride broke her leg).

Bride & Groom model railroad figures used as cake topper

Here I am with our sweet genius friend, Ron who came to help celebrate the birthday, and of course helped with the heavy lifting of the cake to the table.
camera photographs by Gail Albert Halaban

Here intern Mariel with the cake...still being developed--- (he he he).

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Alexander McQueen Cakes: Couture Confections

I've been a little bit obsessed with the designs of fashion genius Alexander McQueen for years, and I know that I'm not alone.  But what I didn't realize, is that there are a bunch of other cake designers (all over the world) equally inspired by Alexander McQueen's designs.  This shouldn't come as a surprise, ---the magic and fantasy of McQueen's couture collections translate beautifully into sugar and icing.
I've made two wedding cakes inspired by Alexander McQueen designs (and I'm working on a third---see, obsessed!)  Here they are as well as some of my favorites by other bakers found online, Bia Cake Design in Italy,  Rooney Girl Bake Shop in California, Bobbette & Belle in Toranto and Maggie Austin Cakes in DC, (oh yeah, and us Cake Power in NY : )
*Please let me know if I've missed anyone I would love to add some more pics to this collection!

Cake by Cake Power.  Inspiration: Butterfly Topiary Hat by Philip Treacy for Alexander McQueen from the Metropolitan Museum of Art's show Savage Beauty
Cake by Cake Power.  Inspirations: Sarah Burton's Monarch Butterfly dress for Alexander McQueen & Blue Kaleidoscope dress

Cake by Bobbette & Belle. (Same butterfly Dress; very different butterfly interpretation!) "This cake we created for an editorial had hundreds of hand painted sugar Monarch butterflies on it. It was inspired by a dress created by the late fashion designer Alexander McQueen. You may have noticed that this dress was also featured in the recent HungerGames Catching Fire movie!"

Cake by Bia cake design.

Cake by Rooney Girl. Details:

Cake by Maggie Austin. Details: