Saturday, February 15, 2014

Craftsy Class: The Art of Painted Cakes Giveaway!

Yay! I am excited to announce my new class on Craftsy!
In this class, you'll learn all the cake techniques pictured below, and I'll demonstrate a variety of design-transfer and hand-painting techniques. I'll cover how to choose and scale patterns to fit your projects, as well as tailor your results with different painting techniques and pigments such as luster dusts, metallics and more. Plus, we'll add a sculptural element to your cakes with multi-dimensional sugarwork. I walk you through how to make each of these pieces step-by-step and discuss all the other things you can make with these easy techniques! 
We're going to kick it off this weekend with a special giveaway: Click here to enter and win this class free!

Cake # 1: We'll be creating a 2 tier version of our Koi Cake

Cake # 2: This is the Cascading Circles Cake, I teach each step from design to finish!
Cake #3: This is an example of a "tie-dye" technique I've just developed based on a painting technique called Wet-on-wet painting. We'll make a one tier version of this cake with a beautiful articulated butterfly

Enter to win the class! I hope to see you on-line on the course-- Good Luck!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Shifting Focus: "Cake Power Kids" grows up

Wonderland Cake: photographs by Lisa A. of George Street Photo & Video
Whoo-hoo! I've decided it's time to expand the scope of The Cake Power Kids blog into the All Things Cake Power blog!   Now, instead of posting ideas and recipes exclusively for children's cakes and how to projects I'll be doing lots of behind-the-scenes, inspirations and photos of cakes posts of all of our weddings and special celebrations.  (Don't get me wrong, kid stuff will always be where my heart is and I'll continue to do lots of step-by-step decorating with kids projects.) To kick this off, lets start with one of my very favorite wedding cakes of last year.  The bride provided the inspiration for this cake from an amazing body of photography called Wonderland by photographer, Kirsty Mitchell. When I received the inspiration images to work from I nearly fell off my chair.  I couldn't get over the beautiful conceptual imagery! Just scroll down to see what I mean:

A Floral Birth: Kirsty imagines a creature begotten from nature.  The sketch and overall feel of the cake comes directly form this image.
The original sketch. 
Kirsty Mitchell's Danaus: A close-up of a model before a sunlit backdrop, peering through a veil of paper butterflies.  On the cake the butterflies are made of rice paper painted with petal dust.

Thank you, Lauren & Dan for such amazing inspiration!  Thank you also to Lisa A. of George Street Photo & Video for such gorgeous photos of the cake and event!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Super Bowl: Go Seahawks! Cupcakes

Go, Super Bowl Cupcakes! Red Velvet cupcakes with vanilla buttercream covered in sprinkles.  Letters: Candy melts poured in alphabet molds.  Vince Lombardi Trophy: modeling chocolate with a lollipop support painted in silver luster dust