Mitzvah Cakes!

This is a cake for our lovely, suddenly very tall and poised friend Zoe.  💜
She's a smart, thoughtful, articulate and loving girl who has already done more amazing philanthropic work than many people do over the course of an entire lifetime.  I've known Zoe pretty much her entire life, so it was particularly moving for me to work on this cake for (and of) her, and a few of her favorite things:

A FEW FAVORITE THINGS ➢Swimming: confectionery Olympic gold medal.  ➢French pastries: represented by the great and powerful Macaroon.  ➢Puppies! puppies, puppies, puppies, puppies 🐶 ➢Sparkle and Bling: pastel confetti sequin sprinkles encrust the bottom tier painted in edible silver dust.
Modeling Chocolate before fondant
Beautiful face covered in in a flesh tone fondant and then painted in mixture of  powdered food color and lemon extract

Right now I'm just a little bit obsessed by the idea of getting better at sculpting portraits.
So, I'm going to start at the beginning, and study anatomy and figurative sculpting.
Don't get me wrong, I love this cake, and this familiar chocolate face, I just want to get better (and faster!)
This bust was sculpted on a 3/8" dowel inserted into a 5" round dummy tier.   The dowel is bulked out with aluminum foil to start off the most basic shapes.
The lion's share of the head, arms and hair are sculpted out of modeling chocolate.  In some places that needed to be thicker, like the hair, I made simple shapes out of Rice Krispie Treats, and then fleshed them out with modeling chocolate.

✰The final layer is a super thin layer of fondant. 
I like this fondant "skin" technique because painting fondant works so much better than painting on chocolate for me.
I don't like this technique, because no matter how paper thin it is, I loose some detail that I liked in the chocolate.
I discovered this method from a how-to that the unbelievable Fernanda Abarca posted on The Making of Jack Frost.  It's some decorating magic worth checking out!

Double take: A girl and her cake
Alphie ♥


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