LEGO Cakes (& Lego Cake Pops) Part 2

As I write this, there are dozens of tiny LEGO minifigures hiding in every conceivable corner of every room of our house. I'm pretty sure they're waiting for me to walk by so they can launch a surprise attack and throw themselves under my feet--(if you've ever stepped on one of these guys, you know what I'm talking about.)

But... you gotta love something that can make a kid so happy!

So, when I got a call to make this minifigure for a soon-to-be 8 year-old named Asher, I couldn't resist!

...and LEGO cake pops! ❤ You can find great video tutorials from both Bakerella and Cakeb0t on the basics of how to make your owns cake pops.

To get this shape, we took cake crumbs and buttercream mixture, pressed it into a pan and put it in the freezer for about 10 minutes. Then, using a small circle cutter cut out a kind of marshmallow shape--- (marshmallow lego pops, an other good idea!).
Then we coated attached lolly pop sticks and it in our melted yellow candy melts. *You can add a few drops of yellow candy color to the candy melts to make the yellow more intense. The little top and bottom knobs are small circles cut out of modeling chocolate, but you can use any candy that has that basic shape for the same effect.


  1. Wonderful, my son would love the cake pops. I made him a Lego Indiana Jones birthday cake a couple of years back, gotta love Lego. :D

  2. Wow. I love how each cake pop Lego guy has their own, unique face. And the face on the cake is serious!! Your lego story reminds me of my mom getting mad at us for such a mess and threatening to throw out all the legos! Haha. Love to see how you work, as always!
    Thanks for posting my cake pop link! <3

  3. Oooh, you’re such an inspiration. I love this blog!
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  4. Please do not use coloured candies for the top! I did and now they are all ruined with the colouring melting through.

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  6. I totally want to make this lego minifig cake for my sons party! How did you make your cake so sturdy? I have made a tall cake before, but I'm still nervous that it's gonna fall over. It would be so helpful if you could give me a little hint on how you got this little guy to stand up. Thanks!

  7. I love your method for getting the marshmallow shape but I'm wondering where you got the deep-cut cutters? I would appreciate your help! :)

  8. I made this for my son's birthday party last year and it was great! I'm not sure where OP got the deep cutters, but we went to the pipe section at Home Depot because the craft store was seeing it for an outrageous price.

  9. Oh my god, this is so insane! I wish someone made me a lego cake for my birthday!

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