(Ginormous) Hamburger cake and dreams of Claes Oldenburg

This week's "Sunday Sweets: Cake or Fake?" post on Cake Wrecks is super fun!
Its filled with great cake sculptures by the likes of
Mike's Amazing Cakes... as well as some tricky April Fools day double-takes.
I don't know what it is about making a larger-than-life blow-up cake version of some object that makes me sooo happy, but it does.
Maybe its just that any giant version of anything warms my heart, like those roadside diners shaped like hot-dogs. I also think of these super-sized cakes as the
"Claes Oldenburg cake treatment", because I'm such a huge fan of the artist.)
In fact, I've always wanted to make a cake version of his sculpture, Spoonbridge and Cherry (below : )

...and hey, there seems to be at least a little cross-over here, given the artist's interpretation of this piece called, Floor Cake, from 1962:


  1. Did you make the burger? It's fab and looks so real. Although I'm not keen on eating cake disguised as meat! :)


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