Yoda, on top of the Empire State Building, Cake

The Empire State building has taken hold in the imaginations of a class of first and second graders in Manhattan. They've studied it, built it, drawn it, and written stories about it. This probably goes without saying, but so has Star Wars. I guess it was natural that these two things get together, like Salt N Pepa or Fred and Ginger.
I ask, "what kind of cake do you want for your birthday this year, honey?" "HOw about the Empire State Building... with King Kong! No, wait... Yoda on the Empire State Building---Master Jedi, Yoda from the Clone Wars, in battle, not the Yoda from the first Star Wars Movies."

...but THIS is my favorite part.
There's so much to do to plan and set up a party, and I always find myself scaling back and cutting my losses at some point. No time to make the "Wookie Cookies" I was planning, or the cookies for a cookie decorating activity for the kids. So, why not kill two birds with one stone, and have the kids finish decorating the base board of the cake with the food color markers bought for decorating the cookies. I can not tell you how sweet and enthusiastic the kids were about participating in this way. (Running late is so the mother of invention at our house .)

I was also informed that Yoda would never be holding a blue lightsaber, so OK, here's some glittery green food color and a paintbrush... go for it! I love this. Next time I want to make a cake designed specifically to be colored in and painted by the kids.

We love the cut out your own Clone Wars masks as an other party arts and crafts activity.
Download Masks Here.

I'd like to say that crazy great reaction is all for the cake, but really the cake sparklers were pretty cool and exciting!

Yoda Cake/ Empire State Building Cake sketch

(I see a trace of Saturday Night Fever in my Yoda.)

I'd like to acknowledge my models: the LEGO Empire State Building and 3" plastic figurine of Yoda... Clone wars Yoda, that is. (and the Yoda plush toy of course:)


  1. lol @ the saturday night fever comment. this cake turned out so so so great! what a design by samsam! <3

  2. Okay, so how do you manage to do that kinda cakes????

  3. Thanks again for a great party!!! That cake was delicious!


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