Gift Boxes Cake

Here's the thing I've learned about making Bar and Bat Mitzvah cakes, (kinda the hard way):

Make sure up front that boy or girl receiving the cake is on-board with the basic idea of the cake. This is a cake that was supposed to be a big Sand Castle cake. It turned into a stack of Gift Boxes Cake when the birthday girl caught wind of the sandcastle idea about a week before the event...(which is not unlike my story about the cake that was supposed to be a Snow Globe that turned into a
Lord of the Rings Cake)
So, scrap the sandcastle advance work, take a deep breath, and figure out an arrangement of boxes that has some playfulness and energy. After scavenging every box I could get my hands on and several failed attempts, here is our model:

and then, my favorite part, details, details, details:

Patti Paige and I worked on the cake together for about a week.

*P.S: I'm in ♡love with the whale room at the Museum of Natural History, so when we get a job that is going to be there, like the gift boxes cake, its extra exciting!


  1. how did you decorate the one with the seashells and the citrus looking one? Looks like some kind of stencil, but what else? Thanks, these look great!

  2. hello! its a hand made stencil and then the fondant is embossed and painted with yellow food color using a fine line brush.

  3. Those are some well done cakes. I really like these. I never thought a bunch of misc stacked boxes could look so good! very nice job :)

  4. I really like these cakes.... looks like some kind of stencil ,but what else?All the color full boxes are so impressive.....
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  5. Great Cakes! How did you get the small box cake on an angle not to fall or fall apart?


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