Friday, September 16, 2011

Attack of the Lego Minifigure Cake!

I've been making cakes for Aidan's family since he was three. Now he's seven. I love that age. They seem like they're all legs, like foals, and growing so fast that they're tripping over their own now a-full-size-bigger-than-thee-months-ago feet. Their imaginations are huge, and their super powers are at their best.

The 12 sculpted characters on the cake are formed out of a combination of fondant and sugar-paste. It took about three days to make them. Many disappeared within seconds, and clearly, a few were taken prisoner:

While I wouldn't say, "just try this cake at home", I would totally recommend the LEGO Minifig Popsicle mold (below). We used it to start off the basic pieces & shapes of our figures. With these iconic shaped molds, you can make a quick homemade super cool popscle with a big pay-off. An Orange-Banana Smoothie popsicle is just the right kind of yellow of the classic minifigure. (My personal favorite is Watermelon-Chocolate Chip: puree Watermelon, fold in chocolate chips, pour into molds, and freeze.)

The Red Lego "Brick" cake measures 12 X 16 X 5". Its chocolate cake filled with layers of caramel buttercream and chocolate-caramel buttercream.

This one goes out to all the 7 year-olds: