Attack of the Lego Minifigure Cake!

I've been making cakes for Aidan's family since he was three. Now he's seven. I love that age. They seem like they're all legs, like foals, and growing so fast that they're tripping over their own now a-full-size-bigger-than-thee-months-ago feet. Their imaginations are huge, and their super powers are at their best.

The 12 sculpted characters on the cake are formed out of a combination of fondant and sugar-paste. It took about three days to make them. Many disappeared within seconds, and clearly, a few were taken prisoner:

While I wouldn't say, "just try this cake at home", I would totally recommend the LEGO Minifig Popsicle mold (below). We used it to start off the basic pieces & shapes of our figures. With these iconic shaped molds, you can make a quick homemade super cool popscle with a big pay-off. An Orange-Banana Smoothie popsicle is just the right kind of yellow of the classic minifigure. (My personal favorite is Watermelon-Chocolate Chip: puree Watermelon, fold in chocolate chips, pour into molds, and freeze.)

The Red Lego "Brick" cake measures 12 X 16 X 5". Its chocolate cake filled with layers of caramel buttercream and chocolate-caramel buttercream.

This one goes out to all the 7 year-olds:


  1. Absolutly funny !!! B A N Z A i i i i i i !!!

  2. All these ideas to make cake is very good.. This is the way to entertain the kids and they make fun in their events..

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  3. Impressive. These are great!

  4. I just have to tell you that this is about the coolest kid's cake I've ever seen. I just pinned it to Pinterest. My kids LOVE Legos (and, frankly, so do I!). Great, great job. You're super talented!

  5. That was awesome..if you could freeze the minifigures and ship them...they would sell like hotcakes...

  6. Thank you so much for sharing that you started the shapes off with the popsicle mold (which we just happened to have picked up at LEGOLAND last summer. I had never so much as touched gum paste or fondant, but my son really had his heart set on a LEGO-themed cake this year. I was able to use the popsicle molds to start off 3 Ninjago figures. While I wouldn't say I found the process of cutting them apart, reshaping the pieces and sticking them back together relaxing, the results were credible enough to make my main critic happy.


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