More 3D Bakeware

The finely detailed cake castle looks stunning straight out of the tin and without decoration, a simple dusting of powdered sugar over a dark chocolate cake creates a snowy winter wonderland. And for the adventurous a bit of decorative icing makes the Castle cake come alive. The non-stick surface ensures your cake will come out perfectly every time, and it's even dishwasher safe. $25.00 in the US.
We also love this LEGO® Brick Cake/Jelly Mould from the LEGO shop. Lego Brick Cake/Jelly Mould $14.99
At Build-A-Bear Workshops, you can make your own stuffed animal. This cake pan from Williams-Sonoma bakes a three-dimensional bear cake in two halves that can be joined and decorated with icing. (Clink on the "3D Bakeware" link above image to see video on how to bake and assemble a Build-A-Bear cake.)