Up, Up and Away! (Cakes for boys! part 3)

Just finished up this cake for the ever-talented Amy Atlas, who put together an over-the-top, beautiful "Ready For Takeoff!" birthday party for her 4 year old son.My friend Patti Paige of Baked Ideas, who's amazing attention to detail NEVER ceases to amaze and inspire me, created theseUNBELIEVABLE cupcakes and cookies:
(above cookie & cupcake photos courtesy: Amy Atlas & Patti Paige)*Thank you so much to cake artist, Liz Shim and Kristen Veloria for coming to my rescue at the last minute to help me out with the cake & the delivery!


  1. Oh those are so great! My son would love these so much, and the cake is amazing!!

  2. cute blog! Thanks for finding me and for the blog love!

    Kim @

  3. Amazing !! How did you get the wings to stay up there? what material did you use for the wongs. I love the idea of using the cake stand to make appear as if it sia actually flying. You did an EXCEPTIONAL job! Fantastic A++


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