Cake Painting

A white fondant covered cake makes for a perfect kid-friendly blank canvas!Food Coloring: A. Powders Powdered colors, or dusts, are so dense, they’re like using pigments. I like using them mixed with lemon extract, to paint on the surface of the cake. There’s an amazing range of custom-colored powders, available in petal, pearl, sparkle and luster finishes. A less expensive option is using primary-color powders, and mixing your own shades. B. Pastes The most concentrated of the liquid food colors. You mix these directly into your icings and sugar pastes, and a little goes a long way. “Liquid paste” coloring is similar, but less intense. C. Paint Brushes I like to get a package of craft brushes that includes flat and round soft brushes of different sizes. You can also get sable paintbrushes at an art supply shop: a more expensive option, but the bristles stay on longer.
D. Sponges I Like to use sea sponges--- sold in art supply stores--- but any new sponge will work to create texture.

E. Food color markers These are really fun. And when you’re drawing in details like little eyes onto molded characters, they give you more control than a paint brush, and they do the job faster.