Here's Looking AT-AT You, Kid (Star Wars AT-AT cake)

So, here's the assignment: Star Wars Jedi-In-Training Party for a 6 year old boy.
Now, I've always had a little crush on the vintage AT-AT walker toy our friend Jason passed down to our son, and so suggested an AT-AT cake.
Then I thought about it. (Its kind of a daunting concept once you get right down to it)

When I did a little online research, I was really surprised to see how many AT-AT cakes were out there. Great beautiful fondant covered and wonderful homemade buttercream masterpieces. I read on one blog how it took 60 hours to make theirs...and I thought---"no, no, no, I can totally do it faster than that." Oddly enough, I clocked in at right around the 60 hour mark when Chris and Lisa arrived to deliver the cake... and could easily have gone into overtime.

I wanted to emphasize the puppy-like qualities by making the paws and joints and head a little bit bigger. (head is cherry vanilla cake body is chocolate cake)

Here's one of my other favorite things I stumbled across in searching for reference material for the AT-AT cake:


  1. This is such a cool cake! This is amazing and awesome! I think i know the other AT-AT cake that was amazingly done for her husband..cos i read her blog too. Yours is equally amazing and detailed! Love it!

  2. oh..i forgot to add that i love the light feature! cool..i wish someone can teach me how to do that!

  3. Fantastic job. I love the cake.


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