Award for best Cake Assistant Ever: Cynthia Hsu

Left: Cake Artist, Decorator and Baker EXTRAORDINAIRE: Cynthia Hsu pictured with me and a special Beanie Baby cake for Icing Smiles
This may read a little bit like a love letter, and I have to admit, it really is.  There is no one quite like my lead assistant Cynthia.  I have to acknowledge her grace under pressure, powerful talent and unyielding attention to detail.  She is an artist, a natural leader and an inspiration to everyone else who comes work or intern here, and especially me.  
It never fails, Cynthia is usually the first person in and the last person to leave.  I honestly don't think I have ever heard her complain, but instead she will always jump in when things get tough and work to figure out a solution.  There have been a hundred times when I've thought, I don't know what I'd do without her...and so I want to publicly and very loudly say, THANK YOU!!

From the smallest detail to the absolute biggest cake, most perfect fondant I am constantly amazed by Cynthia's talent! Very detailed hand painted characters or beautiful monarch butterflies are a cakewalk for Cynthia.
Its all in the details. Technically precise and inventive in carving, sculpting, baking and filling, she does it all with great finesse.  When we have a new person start out, I like to have them work with Cynthia to learn to ropes from the best.

Giant problem!
From start to finish Cynthia can execute anything I ask, at almost half the time of anyone of ever met!! We work side by side on each cake, and she pretty much ALWAYS out-paces me!
I always feel so much better when Cynthia is on a delivery because I know that everything is taken care of if she is there!
Whether its gravity defying, painfully tiny, filled with spinning motors or complicated beyond mot people's imaginations, Cynthia nails each project and task she is given!! She is a joy to work with!
This Ninja is all Cynthia from start to amazing job! I'm very picky, and I've never let any one else completely make one of our cakes before.
Cynthia, I cannot thank you enough...YOU ROCK!!