Airplane Cake, Bey Blade Cake

One Family, One Day, Two Special Events!
Sometimes we get to revisit families year after year as their kids grow, and discover new favorite things. And their parents and grandparents reach milestones, and celebrate a lifetime together. And our cakes get to be a little part of that celebration.
 A ("White Lightening L Drago" ) Bey Blade Cake (a super-popular spinning toy) to celebrate a 6th Birthday. The actual toy is about the size of an Oreo cookie, and its especially fun for me to super-size something so small.  


(Original sketch above)
 And then, for later that same evening, an Airplane Cake for for the Bey Blader's grandparents joint 70th Birthday Party.  With the happy couple dancing on top and the faces of all of their children and grandchildren pictured in the windows. I love making objects and toys into cakes, so this was a great double header! 

 Next cake for this family: an other Bey Blade (Rock Leone) for an older brother's birthday...coming soon.