How to make Puppy Cakes

Not long ago we made some Puppy Cupcakes  with Martha Stewart.  This time the dogs are in the house again with a Puppy CAKE decorating party.

(The boys decided to march to the beat of their own drum.  So using the same basic materials, and equipment we have a great robot cake and "robot-mouse" cake.)

 IN ADVANCE: 1. we baked the cakes in a sheet pan and cut out three round layers for each cake with a 4-inch stainless steal round cake ring  (you can also use round pans if you have them instead)  2. fill and ice the cakes with buttercream  3. cover the cakes with fondant   4. make a little "kit" of decorations for each of the kids in separate baggies (see MATERIALS section below).


 MATERIALS: 1. brown, beige, and red modeling chocolate (for ears, eye patches and tongues)   2. lollypop sticks   3. assorted jelly beans.

EQUIPMENT: 1. rolling pin  2. circle cookie cutters  3. corn starch and brushes (optional) for coating work surfaces  4. small paint brushes to stick modeling chocolate to fondant with water  5. tooth picks.

6. we also made these little cake stands by gluing cardboard coasters to the tops and bottoms of plastic medicine cups.


Two lollypop sticks were placed into the tops of the doggie head as supports for the ears (some floppy and some pointy) which the girls molded out of modeling chocolate (see above photo) Everyone added their own personal ♡ touches, like crowns, paws and earrings.


Happy Birthday, Miss S!


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  2. I love this idea! They look amazing!


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