♥ Teacher ♥ Appreciation Cake

Staff Appreciation Day is a big thing around our school. 
The kids are always excited to pitch in and let the faculty, administration, receptionist, maintenance, and all of the people who work at their school know how very much they are loved and appreciated.

Keira & Emily decorated smaller cakes to learn the ropes.
Our school auction item this year was a hands-on project: 
One or two children from the school would Design, help create and present a cake to the staff at a special staff appreciation dinner.
The honors went to Emily & Keira of the 8's/9's classes, and they did an amazing job! 

Starting with a great idea to represent the different grades on separate tiers using symbols: yard play for the 2/3's, blocks for the 4/5's, reading for 6/7's, math for the 8/9's and Greek gods for the 10's. 
The grades would go higher with each tier, like the floors of the school. (Although, I have to admit, that late one night I accidentally switched the math tier with the blocks tier...but people tend to be pretty forgiving when it comes to cake!)
Keira and Emily decided that they wanted to make stick figure kids to go on the cake, and chose a rainbow color palette.  Half the cake should be vanilla and half chocolate, so that everyone gets a choice.
The girls worked on everything from design, to rolling fondant, painting the colors with food coloring, to making the cake pops, that would later turn into the students on the cake.

rolling out fondant to cover their cakes
painting with food color
experimenting with chocolate
(it all flies by pretty quickly from that blue tier to the red!)


  1. So lovely, great job for this smart and talented kids, the teachers and staff really appreciate what you did.


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