Nesting Ducks Baby Shower Cake

 What to do for a Baby Shower Cake? (...hmmm...tricky.) 
A cake about a baby, but for a lovely and sophisticated grown-up, with a great sense of style.  
Kate Sullivan Cake
(O.K., this is pretty much my answer for everything, but)... find a a cool object and make a big version of it in cake.
Kate Sullivan

kate Sullivan cake

The cake: approximately 22in. L x 13in. W x 18in. H
The Toy: (8in. L x 8in. W x 8in. H)  Floating Ducks by Kido
The cake's been eaten, but the toy remains. 
And hopefully, it will serve as a warm reminder of the baby shower and the time just before mother and child got to meet face to face.
...Oh yeah, and it will also probably be a really excellent bath toy!


  1. Such beautiful baby shower cake. I am truly in love with the design of this one. At a local garden event space I am planning to host a fun unicorn themed party for my sister. It is a bridal shower bash so if you have any ideas for cake, please share!


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