Piggy-pop: When Pigs Fly Cake Pops

Evolution of a piggy-pop, left to right (above): 
1. Attach 2 small cake balls to a lollypop stick with some candy melts. 
2. Dip in melted candy melts. 
3. Add white chocolate chips for ears, and white modeling chocolate shaped snout, arms and legs.  
4. Dip again. 
5. Attach piped white candy melt wings coated in sanding sugar with the melted pink candy melts. * If you would like more in depth how-to details, click here check out our last post: Mummy Cake Pops

Kids love cake pops. With hand-piped sparkling sugar-coated wings, and food-color painted faces, these seemingly huggable double-dipped delights are fun to make and fun to bite.

 18 by13:  These piggies were made as part of a birthday celebration for a very special thirteen-year-old girl named Anita, and seventeen of her sweet and thoughtful friends.

Above: Template for wings: Printed @ 100% on 8X10 paper.  Tape a piece of wax paper over the template and pipe the wings out of white candy melts.  Sprinkle with sanding sugar while still wet.


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