Craftsy Class: The Art of Painted Cakes Giveaway!

Yay! I am excited to announce my new class on Craftsy!
In this class, you'll learn all the cake techniques pictured below, and I'll demonstrate a variety of design-transfer and hand-painting techniques. I'll cover how to choose and scale patterns to fit your projects, as well as tailor your results with different painting techniques and pigments such as luster dusts, metallics and more. Plus, we'll add a sculptural element to your cakes with multi-dimensional sugarwork. I walk you through how to make each of these pieces step-by-step and discuss all the other things you can make with these easy techniques! 
We're going to kick it off this weekend with a special giveaway: Click here to enter and win this class free!

Cake # 1: We'll be creating a 2 tier version of our Koi Cake

Cake # 2: This is the Cascading Circles Cake, I teach each step from design to finish!
Cake #3: This is an example of a "tie-dye" technique I've just developed based on a painting technique called Wet-on-wet painting. We'll make a one tier version of this cake with a beautiful articulated butterfly

Enter to win the class! I hope to see you on-line on the course-- Good Luck!