Inspired by Students

I've been so very inspired and impressed by the cakes that my students have shared in our Craftsy
class. These are just some of the stunning Student Projects, (*click here to see all of them) from The 
Art of the painted Cake.  What a crazy amount of talent there is out there! I love to see all of the
different directions these techniques have been applied to.
clockwise from left: Hello Sunshine Cake Studio, Vagabond Baker and Anne Heap
Above are some wonderful examples of "Tie-Dyed" fondant covered cakes and painted flowers using
 a "Royal Icing Stamp" transfer method

Cakes by Krista.

To make this cake Krista used the pencil transfer technique from our class and the chalkboard design
 was inspired by and online class by Liz Marek 

clockwise from left: Albina's Custom Cakes, Bite Me Bakery and arkattica1165531
I love the 3D flower jumping right off of the painted flower! and the Dr. Seuss inspired black, white
 and red designs, and van Gogh styled sunflowers in these vibrant cakes that combine 2D and 3D
Crafty Mummy's Cakes
 The sweet simplicity of this family line drawing is so fun and delightful.

from top left: Lovely cakes by Eva, Simply Superb Cakes and
Above: Its so cool to see such wonderful storybook approaches to cake decorating. 

Cake Power cakes
  (I was so inspired by Anne Heap's painted peony that now I want to paint peonies on everything!)

It was such a blast making this class because I have such a passion for painting on cakes and I'd love
to share it with as many people as possible!  If you'd like to take the class too click here for a 50% 
discount link ...and then I'd love to see what YOU do with it!