The Little Chapel That Stood Cake ⛪️: St. Paul's 250th Anniversary

*From New York Daily News article 10/31/16.  left to right:  Rev. Phillip A. Jackson, music director Julian Wachner, and Rev. William Lupfer take in church cake. Photograph by Andrew Savulich/New York Daily News
Happy 250th Birthday! 
Thank you so much to everyone at St. Paul's Trinity Chapel for inviting us to be part of your 250th anniversary celebration!! 
St. Paul’s Chapel, constructed in 1766, is the oldest church building in Manhattan. Located less than 100 yards from the World Trade Center site, the church became known as “The Little Chapel That Stood” after it survived the collapse of the Twin Towers on 9/11.
Left to Right: Kate Sullivan (me), Michelle Effron, Cynthia Hsu and Sara Porter inside St. Paul's Chapel (Maria Tillous and Anthony Leberto not in photograph) 
❤️  a gigantic shout-out to the great caker team of volunteers and assistants: 

Sarah Porter is a very talented artist, a joy to work with and did much of the heavy lifting from sculpting to building and assembling from top to bottom. 
Michelle Effron of Eat Great Cakes volunteered tons of time doing all of the baking and decorating dozens of detailed pieces on this labor of love  countless other above-and-beyond acts of kindness throughout the process... like lugging her own mixer to the studio when ours broke down!
Cynthia Hsu took time away from her other gorgeous cake projects and swept in like the Calvary in the final days of production to work her very special magic ✨             Malena Tillous of MT Cake Design and Anthony Leberto, Private Chef Caterer, Food Stlylist for volunteering, painstakingly creating details and for cutting the cake!! It takes a village to build a chapel cake :-)

Click here for New York Daily News video of the event (including the finishing of the cake)

Ebay treasure: Vintage Mini-Mansion model Kit

Above: Could not have asked for a better blue print to work from than this vintage Paper model of the Chapel from Mini-Mansion model Kit .  
Finding and then building the model was a great way to wrap my head around how to build the cake. By scaling up the flat pieces I had the perfect set of templates for the components of cake. I LOVE making  architectural cakes, but they are such a puzzle, and having some sort of three dimensional reference makes it so much more manageable!

*Film still from Daily news video shot by Andrew Savulich.  He was a master! It was too funny, we had no idea he was taking a video as we were talking, we thought he was shooting photos.

Here's the church, here's the steeple... photographs by Michelle Effron
ain't nothing like the real thing...St. Paul's Chapel from Broadway entrance

(I totally have a halo in this picture! 😁) right: Anthony + Michelle work their way cutting through the top tier to the cake.
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