Saturday, March 27, 2010

Story Pirates!, Cake two...Action!

The Striking Viking Story Pirates Second Annual After School Special show was great! I love those guys. Every detail amazing!-- from the Performances to the Music, Sets & Props.
On a personal note: Most well acknowledged and appreciated cake ever!
Boy, it was such a sweet presentation. Two cast members brought it up on stage and spun it around so you could see 360ยบ view, and they acknowledged it and us, heartily & repeatedly (my son was so thrilled by this-- it was if this made me a major celebrity of some sort--- perhaps that makes up for my not winning him a trip to Legoland in a competition last year!)

#1 assistant at work
My favorite joke: when cake was being acknowledged, Jamie Salka said that "almost" every single part of the cake was edible. John Oliver came back to the stage and commented: "Almost completely edible--- well, how do you know which part... hmmm.. . its a bit like a confectionary Russian Roulette."

Check out New York Magazine's article about Jon Stewart's very cool cameo, special host, John Oliver and the show.
See the main stage show Saturdays at 2pm. at the Drama Book Shop

Thanks again to Kristen & Anthony for helping with the delivery. To Dulcy, who really dished it out (sorry). And to David... for all the support.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Our School Bake Sale for Haiti #1 of 4

Thanks to everyone who helped to make, buy, sell and eat treats at our first of 4 School Bake Sales for Haiti!
Especially our passionate hosts, the 8/9's classes.

Upcoming Sales: Thursdays: #2 April 8th, #3 April 22, #4 April 29 all from 2-3PM.

If you're interested in participating: baking, ideas, general enthusiasm, parent volunteers, matching funds.... please let Michelle know and she can point you in the right direction

Vegan Sunbutter Flax Power bars super good and good for you!
check out: Alison's recipe

We'll also have after school cookie decorating workshops @ 3PM on the Tues. before each bake sale, for any student or parent interested in creating hand drawn (in food color) one-of-a-kind (no baking necessary) cookies. If you're interested in participating or setting up an additional decorating workshop/playdate please rsvp

happy (cute) customer.

Congratulations everyone: we raised $443.50 in 1 1/2 hrs!

*thank you! to Baked Ideas for donating cookie cutters and first batch of blank cookies.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Making Aragorn, Lord of The Rings CAKE

The Bar Mitzva cake that was originally going to be a giant snow globe with a snow boarder inside, until at the 11th hour the client asked for something completely different:
Julian, the Bar Mitzva boy, as Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn-Lord of the Rings.
(OK, in the end I don't quite think I quite captured Viggo, or Julian, and settled for... um, human)

I moved the horse's eyes so many times... the next morning I asked my 5 year old #1 assistant, what is wrong about the eyes?-- and he said, "look at my toy horse mom, the eyes are much further from the ears than you have them". Yes! He was absolutely right, so moved them again:

(Creepy, right?...late one night it seemed he was watching, and perhaps even laughing at me.)

Thats the story of the Bar Mitzva cake that was originally going to be a giant snow globe with a snow boarder inside, until... you know the rest.
*Please visit our site if you are interested in seeing more Cusom cakes

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bake For Good: Host a Bake Sale for Disaster Relief

Hearts For Haiti World-Wide Bake Sale! March 1-May 15
The survivors of the earthquake in Haiti are going to continue to need our help for along time. Our good friends at Hello, Cupcake! have teamed up with Iron Cupcake: Earth to encourage bake sales for Haiti. They've also created this easy to decorate Hearts for Haiti cupcake to get you inspired. It is based on the Haitian flag and has a simple square of white marshmallow with a red heart shaped candy at the center. For Hearts for Haiti decorating instructions and tips for a successful bake sale, please visit
If you feel like getting really creative, Iron Cupcake: Earth challenges you to use ingredients inspired by Haiti in your cupcakerecipe.
For complete Iron Cupcake: Earth rules and to get the Iron Cupcake: Earth button for your blog or web site go to: