Story Pirates!, Cake two...Action!

The Striking Viking Story Pirates Second Annual After School Special show was great! I love those guys. Every detail amazing!-- from the Performances to the Music, Sets & Props.
On a personal note: Most well acknowledged and appreciated cake ever!
Boy, it was such a sweet presentation. Two cast members brought it up on stage and spun it around so you could see 360ยบ view, and they acknowledged it and us, heartily & repeatedly (my son was so thrilled by this-- it was if this made me a major celebrity of some sort--- perhaps that makes up for my not winning him a trip to Legoland in a competition last year!)

#1 assistant at work
My favorite joke: when cake was being acknowledged, Jamie Salka said that "almost" every single part of the cake was edible. John Oliver came back to the stage and commented: "Almost completely edible--- well, how do you know which part... hmmm.. . its a bit like a confectionary Russian Roulette."

Check out New York Magazine's article about Jon Stewart's very cool cameo, special host, John Oliver and the show.
See the main stage show Saturdays at 2pm. at the Drama Book Shop

Thanks again to Kristen & Anthony for helping with the delivery. To Dulcy, who really dished it out (sorry). And to David... for all the support.


  1. WOW!!! Amazing cake! Gorgeous and delicious all in one.

  2. Kate - your cake was amazing and really made us feel special! Hope to see you soon!


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