Bake For Good: Host a Bake Sale for Disaster Relief

Hearts For Haiti World-Wide Bake Sale! March 1-May 15
The survivors of the earthquake in Haiti are going to continue to need our help for along time. Our good friends at Hello, Cupcake! have teamed up with Iron Cupcake: Earth to encourage bake sales for Haiti. They've also created this easy to decorate Hearts for Haiti cupcake to get you inspired. It is based on the Haitian flag and has a simple square of white marshmallow with a red heart shaped candy at the center. For Hearts for Haiti decorating instructions and tips for a successful bake sale, please visit
If you feel like getting really creative, Iron Cupcake: Earth challenges you to use ingredients inspired by Haiti in your cupcakerecipe.
For complete Iron Cupcake: Earth rules and to get the Iron Cupcake: Earth button for your blog or web site go to: