Snips and Snails...and a Leo Lionni inspired Baby Shower Cake

I often have a hard time thinking of a GOOD solid idea for a baby shower cake. My soon-to-be-mom friend Daphne had recently learned that she was going to have a boy, and she was trying to wrap her head around just what it would mean to have a "boy". The "What are little boys made of", nursery rhyme came to mind.

And as I thought of Snips and Snails... the wonderful children's book, The Biggest House in the World By Leo Lionni popped into my head. (In a fable within a fable, a wise snail convinces his son that a small, easy-to-carry shell might be better than the biggest house in the world for a life of adventure and exploration.)

Now, I admit, I don't think they'll be a run on "snips" or "snigs" cakes any time soon, but as part of a little trio of cakes, they were quite welcome story tellers.

In the earliest known versions, the first ingredient for boys is either "snips" or "snigs",
the latter being a Cumbrian dialect word for a small eel.
What are little boys made of made of
What are little boys made of
Snips & snails & puppy dogs tails
And such are little boys made of.
What are young women made of, &c
Sugar & spice & all things nice[1]