Coney Island Dreamland Cake

Here's our Spinning, Whirling Coney Island Cake for What Works,An ArtStar Pop-Up Exhibition

sugar in motion!rides you can eat!

One of my favorite parts of the display was a working sugar Zoetrope, Zoe's Zoetrope. We learned about zeotropes at theMuseum of the Moving Image.
(We couldn't quite capture the motion in the photo or video, but it was a fun and edible little "motion picture" of a cupcake guy jumping up and down.)

Photograph by David Levinthal
The cake was made for Little Collector to go with a series of photographs of amusement park rides in the exhibit by my husband. For me "amusement park" is
synonymous with Coney Island. And, Coney Island, is one of my fondest memories from childhood. We would go there almost every Tuesday night in the summer to ride the rides, grab a Famous Nathan's hot dog and then sit on the beach to watch fireworks shot from a barge. I loved it...even in the face of, the dreaded animatronic "fat lady", and her haunting laugh. There she sat, stationed at the entrance of the park, (like the genie, Zoltar from the Tom Hanks movie, Big) the biggest price of admission for me as a kid.

Thank you ❤ to all the friends who made the trek to the Lower East Side of Manhattan for the opening night last week. ❊ A special thank you to Rich at Art Star for pulling everything together and creating a beautiful show.

Behind the scenes: One of the things that works for me, is that David is so sweet and always willing to step in and do a little of the handy work when things start to get down to the wire.


  1. This is amazing! whenever you wanna do a tutorial for the cupcakes marry go round,i am so in!

  2. kate i loveeeeeeeeeeeeee this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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