Little Collector Pop-Up Show: What Works

My family and I, are part of a super fun family event coming up through
Little Collector.
❤ In Little Collector's gallery exhibits, the world of "art" is made very fun and very accessible for kids. The definition of "artist" is even expanded to include: balloon artist, cake artist and bead artist, and we're shown alongside more traditional well-known artists.

❤The subject matter of the artwork is also pretty near and dear to the hearts of most children. Toys and imaginary play and amazing children's book illustrations.
❤Here's a little sneak peak of the beginnings of my contribution to the event, and my husband's photographs that my cake is married to.
❤JOIN us if you can on July 14! GOOD ART, Free Cake!

photographs by David Levinthal ❤
I LOVE that a cake is part of a gallery show,
❤ that the subject Coney Island--
(a place that looms large and happily in many of my childhood memories),
❤and that the exhibit is about how families influence each other.

What Works

A Pop-Up Exhibition

Opening Reception: July 14, 2011 6-9 pm

By Appointment: July 15-17, 2011

ArtStar’s Space: 195 Chrystie Street 801B, NYC announces their first pop-up show in their unique gallery space on the Lower East Side. Featuring the work of six artist couples exploring the influence they have on each other, each artist will present a work that reflects, either consciously or unconsciously, the influence of their partner. The show includes photography, painting, drawing, sculpture, video and mixed materials from ArtStar and LittleCollector artists and their talented paramours who will take over the ArtStar’s gallery space for a three day exhibition. Says Creative Director Rich Hendricks, “Having launched just over five months ago it is our mission to create new opportunities for artists and collectors. Transforming our office space into a temporary gallery to showcase our artists and curators is just another platform for more art lovers and collectors to engage with contemporary art”

Kate Sullivan & David Levinthal

Langdon Graves & Nick Van Woert

Erin Kornfled & Charlie Schultz

Ginger Schulick & Don Porcella

Katherine Newbegin & Todd Knopke

Colette Robbins & Micah Ganske


  1. Can't wait to see how it truns out for real! I just have my french baking diploma a week ago, i siwh i'll be as talented as you one day!
    Eloïse from France

  2. We love it! New marketing strategy: "Good Art, Free Cake."
    We can't wait to see you and the whole family on the 14th for lots of the above!

    - <3 the LIttleCollector Team


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