How to Crack an Egg

We were making a batter for cupcakes, and my seven year old asked if he could break the eggs. (Hmmm...)
Many eggs, and a comically messy counter later, I figured there had to be a better way to teach a kid how to break a few eggs.

(Draw a dotted pencil guide-line around the center of the eggshell to show where they can aim to hit it against the bowl.)

Step 1.
Rap the egg firmly against the inside wall of the bowl.
Use an especially large bowl. The high walls of the bowl act as a splash-guard.

Step 2.
Turn the egg about a quarter turn around the dotted line
around the center of the egg, and rap it again. Repeat around the egg until there's a nice clean(ish) break.

Step 3.
Pull the halves of the shell apart.
Step 4.
Ker-plunk! Mission accomplished.

Question: What happens when you tell an egg a joke?


  1. My daughter loves to crack eggs when she helps me cook! One of her favorite tasks!


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